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Fans of Climate Change

I found this article about how a people’s perceptions of cold weather are influenced by their views on climate change.  But what about people’s perceptions of warm weather?  I’ve recently begun to hear things like, “It’s unseasonably warm today.  How can people still not believe climate change is happening?”  Or, “It’s January.  There’s no snow on the ground.  Must be climate change.”  I’ve said these things facetiously, but I am surprised to hear them stated with any seriousness.


It’s Hot Out There.

First, who doesn’t believe that climate change is happening?  Even conservatives, the supposed climate change denialists, cite the fact that climate change has happened in the past, and will continue to happen regardless of what actions people take to stop it.

Second, just because it’s warm does not mean that climate change is happening.  The earth has warmed on average less than two degrees Fahrenheit in 100 years.    Can a person even feel the difference between a 74 degree day and a 76 degree day?  Were you expecting a snow day, and instead had to put on shorts?  Oh sorry, climate change happens!

Alas, I know what people mean when they say climate change.  They mean climate change caused by greenhouse-gas spewing, greedy businesses and corporations.  If it is a leap to say that climate change is happening because it’s warm today, it is more than a leap to say that man is causing climate change because it is warm today.


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