RezaIt was a relaxing morning.  I was reading this story, linked by Drudgereport, in which John Dickerson, an Arizona pastor, reviewed “Zealot” by Reza Aslan.  Dickerson wrote that, “in reality, it [the book] is a religious person’s opinion about Jesus—from an adherent to the religion that has been in violent opposition to Christ for 1,400 years.”  So it was from this point of view that Lauren Green of Foxnews interviewed Reza Aslan.  It was why she asked,”[as a muslim], why did you write a book about the founder of Christianity?”

While I was reading this story, my wife was watching a video of the Foxnews-Aslan interview which had been linked on Facebook.  The video had been posted by a person who has made anti-Christian statements.  The poster, and other commenters, were clearly critical of the interview.  I believe their criticisms were motivated only by their violent opposition to Christians like Dickerson who do not mince words about their faith.  Furthermore, I believe that Reza’s credibility is in question since he has misrepresented his scholarly credentials.  Not surprisingly, those who don’t like the lineup of conservative talk show hosts on Foxnews have used this episode to excoriate Foxnews for their anti-Muslim bias.

The above story rubs me the wrong way as a Christian and as a Conservative.  But it is also funny for the predictability of the reactions from different communities.  Maybe I would feel differently if I actually read the book.

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