With all due respect

I reacted strongly to this post and what Sen. Grayson said. But I actually think that this post is kind of funny. I mean, when I say that the Democrat Party is the party of baby killers, I don’t mean the Democrat Party any respect. Do I really believe this about the Democrat Party? Maybe, maybe not. But I am not a U.S. Senator either.

Another way to interpret this post is that merely accusing the Republican Party of institutional racism is disrespectful. Thus, Sen. Grayson’s “with all due respect” utterance is a load of you know what.

In either case, I enjoyed this short post from Quomodocumque.


I think I heard this phrase finally lose the last shred of its meaning this morning on NPR.  Rep. Alan Grayson (D-FL):

“The Republican Party has been in many respects, with all due respect, the party of racism in this country, going back to the time of Nixon.”

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2 responses to “With all due respect

  1. Alan Grayson is a member of the house of representatives, not the senate, and if you have followed his comments about the republicans over the last four years or so, you will know that he seldom lets “due respect” hold him back from what he really thinks.

  2. I apologize for my ignorance of Alan Grayson’s position. I hope that I interpreted the point of Q.’s post correctly, though. I was just trying to have some fun with it.

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