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Confessions From a Vocal Conservative

I haven’t always been very vocal about my conservative and political ideologies.  However, as I grew and lived my life, I began to encounter political ideas and opinions that were completely foreign to me, and in fact were contrary to my core principles.  When I hear these ideas being espoused by my friends or co-workers , I see the need to counter them with what I think are rational and true ideas.



I was not vocal about my political ideology in high school, and in fact I was still forming my ideas.  I did have a “Clinton” bumper sticker, where the “C” was a hammer and sickle, on my binder.  I thought it was funny, and I enjoyed the fact that a lot of my classmates found it funny as well.  I also had a friend who was very vocal about his political opinions.  One afternoon, we had a heated exchange about Ronald Reagan and the Iran-Contra Affair.  I doubt either of us really knew much about it.  The fact was that Reagan was held in high esteem by Conservatives, and Colonel Oliver North, who was a central figure in the Iran-Contra Affair, was considered by Conservatives to be a hero.  I was not going to entertain any ideas to the contrary.

During college, I was too busy studying, making new friends, and having fun (in that order!) to concern myself with politics.  By the time George Bush was “Selected, not Elected”, I had graduated.  I cannot tell you how much the above phrase, and hearing it for eight years, has jaded me toward Liberals and the ideas they espouse.

On September 11, 2001, I was angry: I get angry when my country is attacked.  I remarked to a friend, who was equally upset at the attacks, that someone would pay dearly.  Contrast this with what I heard from another friend, that America had finally gotten what it deserved.  This is clearly outrageous, but other attacks on America perpetrated by the Left – that America’s position as an economic and military superpower is unfair, and thus undesirable – are not considered to be outrageous at all.  In 2003, I went to work in Portland near where I had gone to college.  There I heard former classmates of mine say things like, “George Bush should stop scaring people about Terrorism and start taking care of our problems at home.”  These people were angry; they were not the happy, fun people I knew in college.  Another co-worker made the well-worn comments about Bush’s “War for Oil.”  I retorted, “You don’t really believe that, do you?”  Apparently, he did.  These Portland Liberals were angry and cynical.

I think that there are three kinds of Liberals: the angry ones described above, those that feel “compassion” for the angry ones, and those that think they know what is best for people and the country.  Angry Liberals blame America and its policies for what they perceive as their disappointing position in life.  I usually dismiss an angry Liberal and his ideas right away.  The compassionate Liberals are often church-going.   They perplex me the most.  I’ve found that these Liberals have confused Government and Religion.  The third kind of Liberal ticks me off the most: these are Authoritarians!  They want a government which is involved in people’s lives, protecting them from their own perceived inadequacies.  As if.

On the basis of the above, some may peg me as a reactionary.  Unlike a lot of people I know, I don’t have a particular opinion on foreign policy; I just want America to act like the world super-power it is.  I don’t have a particular opinion on taxes; I just want them to be as low as possible for everyone.  I don’t have a particular opinion on the economy; I’ll leave it to the other 300 million people in this county to determine its direction based on what they buy and sell.  When I encounter ideas and opinions that are contrary to the principles above, I refute them.



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