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The Road to Diversity

“Binders full of Women.”  There has been much ado made in the social media about this remark.  My first instinct is to label those worked up about this remark as reactionary wieners.  However, I owe you a more thoughtful exposition.

This remark in and of itself objectifies women: it metaphorically likens woman to objects one would put in a binder.  However, the remark also says something about political correctness disguised as the clamor for diversity everywhere, and where it has led us.  Diversity in schools, in the work force, and in government, is a good idea.  Diversity, cultural or otherwise, leads to variety in thoughts and ideas, and ultimately to more robust ways of learning, working, and governing.  Diversity in the workforce mirrors diversity in the gene pool: a diverse gene pool is indicative of a hearty species.  One purpose of introducing diversity is to eliminate stereotypes and break down barriers.  It is ironic then, that a binder full of women that is meant to bring diversity into Romney’s would-be administration, instead brings objectification and classification.

Our obsession with diversity and political correctness has led us here.  One can’t blame Romney, who is just trying to satisfy the public’s need to see diversity – to see themselves, so to speak – in government.  Furthermore, this is a distraction from real and important issues.





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