The Political Culture and Abortion

There is a woman named Julia Brownley who is running for United States congress in my district which includes parts of Ventura County.  Her commercial lists her pro-choice stance first among her attributes and the reasons we should vote for her.  The zeal with which she and other recent candidates have proclaimed their pro-choice stances begs the following question: have politicians and their constituencies crossed the line from being pro-choice to being pro-abortion?

Abortion is a horrible thing.  The fact that abortion is a legal practice in the United States does not make abortion less horrible.  At the very least, abortion takes away from the pool of America’s future thinkers, writers, and innovators.  At its worst, abortion can be a vehicle for the practice of eugenics,as exemplified by this well-publicized Live Action report on sex-selective abortions:

There is an episode of “Family Guy” in which the baby consoles the dog on his failed love life by saying, “…someday you’ll find a woman who loves abortion as much as you do.”  This is funny because no one likes abortion.  But considering the above, perhaps the baby is right.


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